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  • This FALL we are RISING!

    This FALL we are RISING!
    That's right.  No matter what the world throws at us, we can pick ourselves up and keep on climbing.  But every adventure story needs a well-dressed heroine, and we are ready to be an accessory to your ascent!

    Have you guessed our theme?  Our palette colored by Pantone and our looks inspired by Vogue fashion trends will be amplified by photographic explorations of treasured sites across the States carved out by wind, sea, and time -- the natural wonders of rock formations!

    In our fall collection you will find the colors of sun-washed stone and yellow ochre sands, coffee perked over a campfire, and a little something for your inner barrel-rider. Shape and texture, we've got it!  Velvet, which, just like a rock face, changes as it's brushed with light; monumental focals; a new way to do fringe, matte marbled acetate, and beaded hoops.

    We venture into current trends -- the popular U-drop, big geometrics, and faceted crystal; and then reorient our direction with a peek into the past -- check out our macramé dangles!  As always, you'll still find our signature touches of gold and  weathered neutrals.  And we'll even dare you to go STRAPLESS this fall!
    Are you ready for a blast from what has passed?  You are going to love our photos from The Dive Motel.  The talented Mary Craven Dawkins and Ramsey Corn transformed one of the hottest days in Nashville to a crisp and invigorating autumn morning.   We want you to be ready to take on every day, no matter what rocks you need to climb!
    But let's take this two degrees higher!  For the first time, there will be both a Fall and a Winter launch, each with its own theme and collection.  So, while there's still more to come in 2021, it's all available for just a moment in time.  Seek and you will find limited editions -- once they're out of sight, they're really gone!   Of course, some of your favorites will be hitched up and carried through, but make sure to put your favs in your MUST HAVE-r-sack!

    We cannot thank you enough for all your love and SUPPORT. So, let's keep on rising to the challenge of this new world we are living in.  We are with you all the way to the top!

    Happy Site-Seeing!  Bring a friend along for the journey!
    xoxo, Leigh + the Hearne Team

    Vermillion Cliffs Necklace


    Antelope Canyon Necklace


    Horseshoe Bend Necklace


    Topknot Dangles


    Cedar Breaks Collection:
    Long + short necklaces + cuff


    Cassia Cuff + Ornamental Earbobs