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Designer Leigh Hearne Hillenmeyer proudly incorporates family, trust, reliability and community in each piece jewelry line, Hearne Dry Goods Company. Nashville’s premier designer jewelry company pays homage to the past while supporting the future, one necklace at a time.


Family and community have always been the center of her business. Hillenmeyer named her jewelry line “Hearne Dry Goods Company” after her great-great-grandfather’s family business. The original Hearne Dry Goods store opened in 1902 and during that time quickly became a beloved staple in Shreveport, Louisiana. Customers would flock from all around the region to peruse the wide array of fabrics, homemade lace, and fine china held within those painted brick walls. The store employed over four generations of Hearne family members and when it closed its doors in 1995, many paid tribute for its impact on the community.


Now, well over a century later, Leigh Hearne Hillenmeyer has resurrected the family business name, Hearne Dry Goods Co., with a multi-purpose vision and mission to give back. Leigh was inspired to create her own jewelry from her father’s nylon sailing straps and soon the idea flocked to friends and people who also wanted to wear Leigh’s pieces. Today, her jewelry is inspired by both travel, nature, and a variety of other boho chic meets classical ideas. In a nod to the rugged textiles of yesteryear, Leigh handcrafts necklaces, earrings and bracelets with recycled materials and natural adornments with the utmost care and detail.