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  • Our Spring Collection Is Here!

    Our Spring Collection Is Here!
    Get Your Greek On
    with our SPRING 2022 COLLECTION!
    As the winter Olympics have come to an end, now is the perfect time to share all the beauty and power of our Spring 2022 collection -- as our inspiration is everything Greek! 

    The Pantone color palate for the season brings to mind the shoreline of Greece -- daffodil yellow, juicy orange, harbor and skydiver blue amidst natural stone, white sands, and tiled roofs.  And we've included some of your hotlist colors, too, such as lilac (yes, I LOVE this purple) and mint, as well as light pastels of spun sugar and gossamer pink both you and the current runways love. 

    In this line, you'll see long looks inspired by the lines, swirls, and graduated arches of columned ancient amphitheatres (maybe we were inspired by our own Nashville Parthenon re-creation!), mid-length two-stranders in bright and bold colors, as well as some unique statement looks not just tied but chained to current trends of bigger and bolder linked chokers.

    We hope you will enjoy exploring our theme throughout the season -- the many aspects of a woman revealed through the archetypes of GREEK GODDESSES.  We fill different roles throughout each day -- leader, worker, parent, child, teacher, student, caretaker, friend.  Each of us has a story we hope will carry forward through time, and we hope the stories these looks tell will travel with you and enhance your path through each day.   
    Everywhere we go this spring and summer can be just a little brighter, more colorful, and even more memorable, with tales of ancient times enhancing not only neck, wrist, or ear, but reflected in your life and adding a sparkle to your mind's eye, as you ferry on toward your next horizon.

    From Daphne, with its Doric columns illuminated by a blue sky, to the strength and wisdom of Athena, to the mystery and intrigue of our chained Nyx, know you will find a look that brings out your inner goddess, as well as fitting your personality, style, and life.  

    And this season we are revealing the largest and most diverse selection EVER of our Hearne earbobs, dangles, hoops, and studs!  Check out our White Turquoise Raffia Earbobs, Watermelon Tassel Dangles, Cork-Lined Hoops in Marine and Khaki, and our Beaded Beauties, just to name a few.  May your shopping cart be full and the most difficult choice be, which to “save for later!” 

    The Hearne Team has been working night and day to offer styles we think you’ll adore and cherish. We love your smiles, whether secret or broad, love the moments of life you share with us, and our goal this season is for you to look and feel like today's Greek Goddess!

    So spring forward with a classic twist on fresh, Hearne-style!  Go Greek!
    Leigh + the Hearne Team
    ---FREE GIFT---
    First 10 orders over $99 will receive a FREE pair of real shell stud earrings!! 
    These treasures from last spring will pair beautifully with many of our fresh looks!

    Goddess Earbobs


     Our Aphrodite Necklace


    Our Daphne Necklace


    Our Circle-n-Square Dangles & Beaded Cuff 


    Our Nyx Necklace

  • Lwala LOVE Bracelets

    Lwala LOVE Bracelets
    Creating More Ways to LOVE Lwala!
    Surprise! Bracelets for little girls are BACK and we have a HEART-warming story to go along with them...just in time for Valentine’s Day!
    Meet my niece, Tessa. A few months ago, she reached out and asked if I could work with her on a school project.
    Her high school asked her to complete a 20-hour service project and she wanted to do something with Hearne Dry Goods Co. and Lwala Community Alliance, a medical clinic in Kenya that our company partners with and supports. We put our heads together and came up with wrap bracelets for little girls!
    Tessa beaded these fun ombre, memory wire cuffs and then invited my daughter and her friends over to complete them with tied fabric from Kenya!
    Spread the LOVE with us!

    Want to help these girls spread the LOVE this Valentine's Day? Purchase a bracelet and we'll give 50% to Lwala Community Alliance!
  • BLACK (and white) FRIDAY SALE!

    BLACK (and white) FRIDAY SALE!
    Black Friday is already going strong in 2021, and with shipping delays expected (eeek!!), we're giving you a head-start on your holiday shopping!

    And as far as our Walk of Fame this winter (Hollywood screen divas galore!), how can we have Black without White?

    So here's a pre-Cyber Monday gift for you, a BLACK (& white) FRIDAY SALE!!! Dates are Friday, November 19-21! All of our black & white STARS are 20% off!! Supply will be limited for this sale so don't wait!

    We've got so much in store for you in the month to come (who doesn't love SURPRISES??!!), including two never-before-seen new styles that will make YOU the star of all your holiday parties and gatherings!!

    So keep in touch so you don't miss out...especially on upcoming MONDAYS and THURSDAYS...our appreciation of you will continue far beyond Thanksgiving!

  • This WINTER it's all about the STARS!

    This WINTER it's all about the STARS!
    We’ve reached the summit of so many ROCK FORMATIONS this fall, and have “climbed every mountain” these past two years (are we there yet, COVID?!!); but when we come back to the bright lights of the city, we don’t have to let star-gazing go...  

    You can have the stars and all the glitter and glow of a grand premiere -- because our very first WINTER line is here, brought to you in full technicolor by the fabulous SCREEN DIVAS of the grand ol’ black & whites!!
    Our winter collection features black & white, so this theme is a perfect fit! And not only was the Golden Age of Hollywood (which featured screen divas like Judy Garland, Katherine Hepburn, and Ingrid Bergman) about lavish sites and fashion, it was also about those cozy moments curled up by a warm fire. This new line has all that and more!  So, you can, “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas”, a wonderful “Holiday”, and lots of memorable “stills."

    We appreciate your love and support (as always!!), and we think Judy said it best in "Meet Me in St. Louis"...

    "The main thing is...that we're all going to be together, just like we've always been.  That's what really counts.  We could be happy anywhere, as long as we're together." 
    We hope you'll be happy wherever you go this winter...Together with Hearne!

    Happy Star-Searching!!
    xoxo, Leigh + the Hearne Divas
    Featured items in our winter collection:
    The Barbara Necklace
    Barbara Stanwyck was one of the most-liked actresses in Hollywood, and we think this elegant "rosary style" necklace will also be most-liked -- not only this winter, but year-round!
    Want to sparkle and shine like the STARS at night? These fun hoops will do the trick! 
    Lana Turner was known for wearing ALL BLACK, and you've been begging me for this look, so here it is!  Another addition to our STRAPLESS and REVERSIBLE collection!
    Need something simple yet stylish added to your winter wardrobe?  This stud has us all warm and fuzzy -- inside and out!