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  • Lwala LOVE Bracelets

    Lwala LOVE Bracelets
    Creating More Ways to LOVE Lwala!
    Surprise! Bracelets for little girls are BACK and we have a HEART-warming story to go along with them...just in time for Valentine’s Day!
    Meet my niece, Tessa. A few months ago, she reached out and asked if I could work with her on a school project.
    Her high school asked her to complete a 20-hour service project and she wanted to do something with Hearne Dry Goods Co. and Lwala Community Alliance, a medical clinic in Kenya that our company partners with and supports. We put our heads together and came up with wrap bracelets for little girls!
    Tessa beaded these fun ombre, memory wire cuffs and then invited my daughter and her friends over to complete them with tied fabric from Kenya!
    Spread the LOVE with us!

    Want to help these girls spread the LOVE this Valentine's Day? Purchase a bracelet and we'll give 50% to Lwala Community Alliance!