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  • Hearne Reflections + The Season Of Summer

    Hello Hearne Family,

    We can all agree these past few months have been a time of a lot of change, and life just seems, well, unpredictable. Yet, it’s a new month and the month of my favorite season, SUMMER. Yes, in case you lost track of time, summer starts on June 20 this year and is quickly followed by Father’s Day, another time of celebration for us all. To me, summer is a time of relaxing, reflection, and a lot of time out in the sun. This year may look different for us all, but my hope is that what remains consistent for you is the connection with yourself, your family, and your higher power. If anything, the past five months have taught me that the only thing that really matters is life—living it as best we can and celebrating love along the way. So summer, we see you and we are here at Hearne to be a beacon of hope and light in a lot of darkness. I may not have all the answers but one way to start is learning how to celebrate the small stuff—I know for my family that is a backyard bbq, the kids riding their bikes and if we are lucky, we will get that beach trip we keep putting on hold. 

    As far as Father’s Day goes, Hearne was built with the hands of my great-great-grandfather, and the many generations of Hearne hands that have helped us gain the platform we have today to rise with the times and go with the flow, no matter what life brings us. This Father’s Day, I will surely be thinking of my grandfathers, father, and of course my husband. I plan on jazzing up our date-night routine and setting out for someplace where we can celebrate our marriage and our family with a glass of vino and a bucket of gratitude. This year, in particular, I have been able to see and experience my husband first-hand—his hard work and efforts have not gone unnoticed and we plan to shower him with love first, and maybe a few presents too!

    So whether you are planning a staycation, a no-cation, or just throwing plans to the wind, we want to share this season’s Hearne favorites with you. It’s our last couple of months with this line—the line of bugs—and we plan to fly into summer with the wind in our hair and a heck of a lot of love in our hearts! 

    How about you join me? My team and I have outlined some fun themes to help keep a positive outlook over the next few weeks. We look forward to seeing how your Happy-in-Hearne jewels impact this new season.



    Week One: Let’s get our white on! White dresses, pants, shorts, and summer looks with our favorite styles. Be on the lookout for some fun summer looks and sales!

    Week Two: Fathers Day! Ready for a  date-night delivered? We are ordering in and wearing some Hearne along the way—let’s get styled for your sweetie!

    Week Three: Summer week! Sales for summer and let’s do some post-yoga dress-up in Hearne!

    Week Four: Beach, river, country, the looks of summer, we see you!