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  • Hear The Buzz About Our Spring Line

    Spring is in the air around here in Nashville—I can see the buds churning out some little colors and the cherry blossoms are on the way, too. I imagine wherever you are there may be nuggets of spring or at least a vision of it if you are in a snow-filled place. For myself and my family, we love being outdoors and treasure the changing of seasons. This season our designs for spring were centered around not the birds, or the trees, but the bees and BUGS of spring. Yup, those little creatures that make the natural buzz and give life to those beautiful plants and colors we love so much. We created some new designs for the season and brought back our favorite styles from last spring. My team was so eager to hear about where the vision for this season came from they asked me some questions and I wanted to share them with you! I cannot wait to see these styles on my “Happy in Hearne” friends and cannot thank you enough for your love and support!

    This “Bugs” For you!


    Where did this Spring style theme of bugs come from?

    I started experimenting with different materials and each time I pulled something to use for the spring line, it was either a flower or a bug!  It reminds me of my nephew who loves to find weird and unusual bugs in his yard. I love to look at (not touch!!) different bugs. Some bugs are so interesting in color and shape.   If you look closely, they are each a unique piece of artwork in nature!

    What combination of ear bob and necklace do you feel captures the essence of the season?

    I am loving the dragonfly necklaces--long and short!  They are all white with little gold wing-like beads interspersed throughout.  Reminds me of a dainty dragonfly flying flower to flower in the spring! You can wear these two necklaces together and individually...have fun while you are at it, mix it up to create different looks and you are set for work or play!

    What is your favorite childhood memory of bugs?

    In middle school our assignment in science class was to make an insect collection.  We had to get out in our yards and capture different bugs for this assignment. We would identify them by their common and scientific names and then attach them to a felt board for the presentation. I remember going to visit my grandparents in the countryside near Shreveport,  Louisiana and finding the most extraordinary bugs by the lake and farming fields.

    What do you want your fans to know most about these designs?

    These designs are all original and are made with YOU--the customer-- in mind!  I listen to you at trunk shows and events and take your ideas and suggestions seriously to make styles that suit everyone’s varying tastes.  

    Ear Studs and Necklaces with a lot of BUZZZ:

    (Shown: Dragonfly Studs)

    (Dragonfly Necklace)

    Necklaces flowing with all that flower power 

    (Shown: Bumblebee Yellow Necklace) 

    Star-Studded Studs!

    (Shown: Pink Starfish Studs)

     Catch all the Spring line BUGS & BUZZ here! ( hyperlink to shop page)

    (shown: Blue Beetle and Bumblebee Gray)

    Cheers to all things spring!

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