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  • Happy Holidays in Hearne

    Hello, Happy In Hearne Loves, 

    ‘Tis the season for holiday shopping and some free shipping (and more from us!). You will notice we have a new site just in time for the hustle and bustle of the season and to celebrate all things snow and white and sparkly we have the following gifts for you to mark on your calendars! Be sure to follow us on Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest to find some secret sales, too! We will have some new shop features coming soon and we cannot wait to celebrate #holidayinhearne with you throughout this joyous season. 

    Gift 1: Free shipping on any size order (be on the lookout for these occasionally).

    Gift 2: Black Friday: We’re all about the little black dress combo— everything black on the website is 15% off.

    Gift 3: There will be a surprise Little Girls necklace made of Peppermint and Reindeer—10% off.

    Gift 4: Little red dress combo—Buy a necklace to go with your red dress and get a pair of earrings for half-off. Perfect for the holiday festivities.

    Gift 5: All things sparkly Saturdays for the MONTH of December with a bottle of Champagne. Enjoy 15% off all things that sparkle on the website … follow us on instagram and facebook for this special delivery day.

    Gift 6: Hanukkah begins Dec 22—Everything blue on the website will be 15% off.

    Gift 7: Repost this photo in your stories or your feed and tag @hearne_dry_goods_co  to receive a secret promo code that will get you 25% off everything in stock on our website! We will DM you the promo code once we've seen your post. (Give us time to respond to your post!)

    Gift 8: Give Back on Giving Tuesday!  Lwala—On Giving Tuesday be on the lookout for ways to give to our mission charity.

    Gift 9: The 3 Kings Sale! Buy three pairs of earrings and get a pair of acetate yellow or blue ones for free!

    Thank you for all your support and love! Be sure to follow along on our social channels to get gift dates and times for these surprises (and some more gifts Santa is bringing along the way)!

    Happy Holidays (in Hearne)!

    Leigh and team