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  • Hanging With Hearne This Holiday

    Hello Hearne Friends and Supporters,
    Happy holiday season! We love the holidays—the bright lights, the festive cheer, and, of course, a chance for Santa to be in our workshop. This season, we are here to share in the festive spirit and launch our 2020 Holiday in Hearne series, Hanging With Hearne This Holiday. We will be reflecting on various themes this season, and instead of the 12 days of Christmas, we are celebrating the holiday all month long with all sorts of spirited styles and collaborations, all under the name, “Hanging With Hearne This Holiday!”

    Here is a sneak peek of some of Hanging With Hearne This Holiday! Please join us and share your spirit—we are all in this together!


    Giving: This holiday is the season of giving, offering your time and collective talents, we start on December 1 which is Giving Tuesday. We are always about giving back—our mission Lwala Community Fund is what keeps our spirits higher to a greater purpose. Consider them when you are thinking of giving back this season, especially today!
    Love: It’s what makes the world go round and this year, love is especially essential. Our love is what keeps things moving and our connection to each other is what motivates me to create for you! Morgan and I have a fun date night planned and will be sharing on Instagram stories! Stay tuned! 
    Cheer: The holidays are all about being merry and bright! We love sharing our Farm Charms with you—this year, bring the simplicity and cheer of the season into your homes, one piece of Hearne jewelry at a time. Looking forward to “toasting” and roasting by the fire this holiday!

    Joy: ‘Tis the season of joy being a part of our lives, our homes, and in our community—we definitely can use it and sprinkle it where and when we can, right? 

    Warmth: Maybe it’s with some cozy hot chocolate around the tree or maybe with your words or thoughts—this is the time to be warm, to offer warmth, and to spread it in any way we can! Our bonfire studs remind us of the cozy campfire too!

    Follow along on our socials for more themes to keep the holiday energy and spirit alive—with each theme there will be some special treats from Santa and his elves along the way!