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  • Grateful. Thankful. Blessed!

    Grateful. Thankful. Blessed!
    Hello Hearne friends!

    With the season of gratitude upon us, we are gearing up for some of the busiest days of the year for this little business. You know those days after you have had your turkey and you all really start thinking about the holidays? Yes, they are coming up before we know it! Lucky for you, we are starting the festivities now with some fun Hearne-meets-holiday surprises! If ever there was a time to feel grateful, thankful, and blessed it is now!

    Grateful: We are grateful for YOU—all of our customers who believe in us, love our mission, and wear our hard work!

    Thankful: We have an abundance of blessings, but we are thankful for the colors, light, and love of the Farm Charm collection!

    Blessed: We try each day to start with prayer and end with a feeling of blessing—it is in the very fiber of our work!

    Black Friday may look a little different this year—stay safe with our face scarfs and touchless key chains.

    Save the date for Small Business Saturday! 2020 has been anything but kind to us small businesses, we look to you for the support you have been giving us and cannot thank you enough for the love! We will be hosting sales and giveaways on our Instagram page! (Hint, hint: there will be a few one-of-a-kind gifts we are sharing only on this day!) think...25% off~!!!

    Cyber Monday is one of our busiest sale days of the year! Save the date, set your alarm, tell Siri not to forget—we will be waiting for you on the other side of the cyber world with Farm Charm goodies! 

    Giving Tuesday, as a reminder we give generously from ALL sales to the Lwala Community Alliance and Tuesday we will be focusing on this charity and all they do to give back, and support women and children in Africa!

    Our Mission is the Lwala Mission:

    To build the capacity of rural communities to advance their own comprehensive wellbeing. Here is a bit about the community and how it has evolved with YOUR support over the last 13 years.