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  • A Grateful, Thankful Farm Charm Thanksgiving

    A Grateful, Thankful Farm Charm Thanksgiving

    Hello Hearne Friends,

    If ever there was a time to celebrate both gratitude and the simpler times, it’s now—this is our Thanksgiving to really practice gratitude. It’s been quite the year—so many unexpected events canceled, delays in plans, and living in the times of a pandemic is something we never thought possible. However, here we are and here at Hearne, we would like to embrace what we can change even if that is something as simple as your earbobs or necklace. We continue to move along with grace and style with our mission beneath our wings and the harvest season of Thanksgiving to embrace. This season, we welcome our farm charms, and no matter what your fall and winter hold, we hope they bring you some cheer.

    Silo and Soy Bean Sunday

    This Sunday before Thanksgiving we will pay homage to the silo which houses all of our crops for the year and inspires the heart of the home to be filled with the cooking and baking of this season—be on the lookout for special sales of our Silo and Soybean pieces during this holiday season.

    Creek Peek Monday 


    The vibrant blue waters of a fresh creek at high harvest are like no other to drift us into the peace and calm of the season of change, and this bright blue necklace does just that!

    Toasting Around The Bonfire Tuesday 

    Whether you are toasting marshmallows for a family favorite sweet potato casserole or toasting bubbly with your best bud, our Bonfire studs and Bangles are the perfect holiday combo.

    Wagon Wheel Wednesday 

    Whether you are hopping on the tractor and getting the pumpkin patch party started with your family or just embracing these tassel bobs for their fun and festive spirit, we welcome it all and encourage you to roll along with the wagon wheel!

    Thank you for this Thanksgiving Thursday 

    Friends, family, the ones closest to you—give them all you’ve got this Thanksgiving.

    Hay Bale Happy Hour Friday

    After all your hard work and thoughtfulness in the kitchen this Thanksgiving, why not take a break in a field of flowers with our hale bale necklace? It’s a simple meets classic look!

    Scarecrow Saturday


    We wouldn't have the bounty of our harvest without the scaring of the crows. This iconic symbol of both fall and the season of thanks is inspired by the creature that is meant to scare away the black crow to add more bounty to our harvest, and it is also the perfect complement to her sister necklace, the Hay Bale.