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Evelyn's Pink Bracelet

Evelyn's Pink Bracelet
  • Evelyn's Pink Bracelet
  • Evelyn's Pink Bracelet

The Evelyn Collection
Our community has been heartbroken ever since the Covenant School shooting that occurred in Nashville this past March. As you know, our dear friends lost their daughter, Evelyn Dieckhaus. We have angel wing studs on our website to remember her shining light. 

Now, we are releasing a new pink and white collection to celebrate her life. 

My daughter and her friends donated their time to help bead this collection. Pink was Evelyn’s favorite color. The larger wood beaded necklace you see in this collection is made in two different color patterns and has nine sections to represent the nine years Evelyn was with us on this Earth. The larger wood beaded bracelets have one bead of a different color to represent Evelyn’s shining light. The larger wood beaded hoop earbobs are made in two different color patterns and have two beads of a different color to represent two sisters, Eleanor and Evelyn. 

Check out Evelyn’s Collection on our website, and let’s wear these pink styles together in her honor as we stand strong for safer gun laws in our state and nation.

A portion of your purchase from this collection will be donated to the Evelyn Dieckhaus Shining Light Fund. Wear these styles in remembrance of Evelyn, and never forget that love, hope, and faith will always win.


Mini, pink saucer-shaped wood beads and one brass bead combined to make a stretch bracelet to fit multiple wrist sizes. One size.
ATTN: The brass bead will change color if it interacts with water, sweat, or other skin oils.

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